The Scandinavian Centre offers a two-hour interactive school program, “Everyone Wants to be a Viking” for Grade 3 and 5 students studying Vikings as part of the Manitoba Social Studies curriculum.

Program Dates:

• 2019 - Mon. Oct. 21, Tues. Oct. 22, Weds. Oct. 23, Thur. Oct. 24

• 2020 – Mon. May 4, Tues. May 5, Weds. May 6, Thurs. May 7, Fri. May 8

*Session begins at 9:30 am or 10:00 am, mornings only.

For more information:

Email everyonewantstobeaviking@gmail.com or call 204-774-8047 during office hours Tuesday –Thursday, 10am - 2pm

Highlights of the program are:

  • Chieftains Lodge:  At the lodge you may meet Freya, the wife of the Chieftain, Gro the slave who helps with daily chores, Arne, the farmer or Gudrun the wise woman.  See how Vikings lived with replica Viking furniture.  Sample Viking food, and learn about herbs the Vikings used in their food and medicine.

  • Viking Jackets: To become part of the Chieftain’s lodge, each child will be given a Viking jacket to wear while attending the two-hour program. Their teachers will wear a Viking cape.

  • Hands on experiences:  Children can feel the weight of a Viking helmet and sword and see some of the items brought back from a trading mission. They will learn how a Viking ship was constructed and hear about the Viking trading routes.

  • Rune stones:  The children will have the opportunity to write in the Runic alphabet on their own Rune stone and make a unique necklace to take home.  Other Vikings like Leif the explorer, Yrsa the storyteller or Rune the fortuneteller can help you with the Runic alphabet.

Important information for you:

  • Accessibility: Our facilities are wheelchair accessible and there is an elevator to the second floor.

  • Buses: May drop off and pick up the children in front of the Scandinavian Cultural Centre at 764 Erin Street.

  • Cost: $3.75 per student.  No charge for adult chaperones/teachers.

  • Numbers: Registration is limited to a maximum of 60 students per session plus teachers/chaperones.

  • Photographs:  You may take your own pictures.

  • Snacks: A nut free snack of flatbread will be offered to children along with apple juice as part of the Viking experience.

  • Payment: Full payment is due two weeks prior to your arrival.  Your cheque or money order is payable to the Scandinavian Centre, 764 Erin Street, Winnipeg, MB R3G 2W4. Cancellations after the start of the program week will be subject to a $25.00 handling fee